Prepare Academically for Med School

Courses, Grades, and Requirements

If you want to go to medical school, you can major in any subject. However, some schools require certain prerequisite courses. The MIT prehealth recommended course list recommends MIT courses that meet most medical school requirements.

Since medical and health profession school requirements vary, you should check the admission requirements of individual schools. Visit the schools’ websites to find this information.

You should try to take the courses you need for medical school at MIT. If you can’t, you can take courses after graduating through a post-baccalaureate or special master’s program.


Schools see your academic record as proof that you are prepared for medical school. Take the recommended courses and try for a GPA of 4.5/5.0 or higher.

If your GPA is not perfect, remember that medical schools will also look at other factors. These might be your choice of major and difficulty of classes. If you had a difficult semester or year, make efforts to improve your GPA before applying.

To keep a high GPA, take a manageable course load and balance your extracurriculars. Talk to us and your academic advisor if you are concerned about your grades or balancing your workload.


MIT prehealth recommended course list and FAQs

The MIT prehealth recommended course list is based on feedback from medical schools and MIT faculty. It includes FAQs about course work and the MCAT.

MIT’s Prehealth Course Planning Guide

The MIT prehealth course planning guide suggests courses for first-year students. You should talk to your academic advisor to find out what will work for you.

Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR)

The MSAR has information about each school’s specific requirements, as well as application procedures and deadlines and selection factors such as MCAT and GPA.

AAMC Member Medical School Directory

The Medical School Directory has information on the U.S. and Canadian AAMC-member medical schools.