Ravi Patil is Director of Product Management and Strategy at Broadcom where he is responsible for the mainframe security and compliance software portfolio. Prior to that, he served as Head of Product Marketing and held marketing and strategy leadership roles at CA Technologies and IBM. In the auto industry, Ravi designed fuel system components and streamlined manufacturing processes for worldwide vehicle platforms. He is the host and creator of a podcast called Institrve – True stories about MIT. A trove of wonder, discovery, and madness. Ravi earned his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

How did you discover storytelling as a method for effective communication?

Research shows that showing people research doesn’t (always) work. Storytelling creates a space for connecting with another human at a deeper level.

What are the key principles of storytelling?

Give the audience a reason to care by humanizing your topic. In order to evoke an emotional response from your audience, you need to be moved yourself so explore your own true emotions, not the ones you feel will impress others. Storytelling is not a game; rather, a way to communicate your truth in a way that is accessible to others.

How can storytelling be applied to graduate students’ professional development?

During your journey towards that perfect job after MIT, you will network with a diverse range of people. Some will have deep technical skills and easily grasp your research. Others will have no technical background and may not fully understand your unique skills. There is one guaranteed way to create meaningful impressions with both of these audiences: personal storytelling. Like a muscle, this essential skill becomes stronger with exercise.

Work Experience
  • Director of Product Management and Strategy / Alum
  • Broadcom