MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium

Programs & Offices at MIT

By creating an action alliance of sustainability leaders from a broad range of industries, the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium aims to vastly accelerate large-scale, real-world implementation of solutions to the looming threat of climate change. The MCSC unites similarly motivated, highly creative and influential companies to work with MIT to build a comprehensive process, market, and ambitious implementation strategy for environmental innovation.

The catastrophic consequences of climate change already touch every corner of the global economy. Some industries are seeking solutions, setting goals and already making progress; in other sectors, work must still begin. By accelerating progress within industries and by cross-pollinating best practices across sectors, the MCSC aims to drive changes swift and broad enough to match the scale of the climate challenge. The MCSC also recognizes the need to generate enduring environmental solutions that include social equity issues at their core such that all have access to improved quality-of-life and social welfare. The strategy will emphasize rapid prototyping, training leaders who can engage across disciplines, and generating ripples of deeply inclusive change within and across industries.

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