CAPD Strategic Priorities 2024


Establish CAPD as the Institute’s hub to explore and prepare for jobs, internships, fellowships, and medical or graduate school. We collaborate with departments and student groups to provide comprehensive and centralized services and opportunities for MIT students, recent alums, and postdocs. 

  1. Branding, Website and Resources- Develop and maintain a website that showcases the many resources and opportunities available at MIT for career and professional development.
  2. Network of Advisors- Mobilize the many MIT touch points where students, postdocs, and recent alums can receive career support.
  3. Effective Partnerships-Leverage internal and external partnerships’ strengths to provide greater access to diverse career, education, and professional development opportunities for students. 


Elevate and address barriers for access to careers for students, postdocs, and recent alumni, from underrepresented/underserved groups, defined as low-income, first-generation, LGBTQ+, and racial and ethnic minority students. Consider the unique challenges that affect their pursuit of and success in their desired career paths.  Attract employers, graduate programs, and organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  1. CAPD Staff and Resources -Equip staff and provide resources that promote an inclusive career center and work environment.
  2. Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Recent Alumni, and Postdocs– Assess and enhance services for students, Postdocs and alumni from underrepresented and underserved groups.
  3. Greater MIT Community – Collaborate with the greater MIT community to ensure our underrepresented and underserved groups have access to all career paths.
  4. External Organizations That Engage with CAPD– Engage and support organizations that value and communicate their commitment to attracting and retaining a diverse candidate pool.


Foster in all students the career development skills to support a lifelong ability to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind. Advocate for equity in career exploration and career opportunities through engagement with external stakeholders. Employ a continuous improvement process that includes assessment of career exploration.

  1. Career Clarity of Options and Decision Making – Create programs that support the exploration of careers to increase clarity of options and decision making. 
  2. Opportunities in Diverse Industries and Fields and Career Hub – Provide opportunities for all students to explore and pursue diverse career paths in career fairs and events.  
  3. Graduate and Professional School Exploration and Advising – Create opportunities for students to explore graduate and professional school as part of the career planning process. 
  4. Equity in Pay, Career, and Opportunities –Advocate and work to support equity in pay and the pursuit of career paths and opportunities.


Advance an institutional culture that supports and embraces professional development in the areas of career advancement, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and mentoring, personal development, social responsibility, and teaching. 

  1. Elevate Professional Development at MIT – Position CAPD as the hub for professional development programs and offerings.
  2. Enhance Support of Graduate Students – Strengthen advising and discovery of graduate student career options and opportunities.
  3. Academia and Beyond – Provide opportunities for students and postdocs to explore a wide range of different career opportunities, including those in and beyond academia.
  4. Professional Development is Integral to the MIT Experience– Communicate the importance of Professional Development by promoting professional development, creating web resources, and developing online learning. 


Empower a diverse, knowledgeable, and skilled staff with the resources and support to deliver excellence in service while also integrating work and life.  

  1. Healthy & Diverse Workplace – Cultivate a healthy workplace environment for all CAPD staff that values work-life integration, flexibility, diversity, and equity. 
  2. Staff Professional Development – Develop staff who are experts in their career functions and therefore are knowledgeable of resources, referrals, and student customer service.
  3. Centralizing CAPD Support – Centralize our data, communication, and operations to best support being a career and professional development hub and a hybrid office.