Redefine success, identify challenges, and flip failure this new year!

Life comes with its fair set of challenges. The goal of building resilience is to equip yourself to weather life’s challenges as they arise. Much of that work involves redefining what success and failure mean and finding ways to use both to learn about yourself and grow.

The Flipping Failure initiative aims to provide visibility to stories of academic challenge and resilience so that we can begin shifting the conversation around struggle from a source of shame to a source of learning and growth.

Whether you are new to MIT or a returning student, you might feel anxious about what lies ahead this semester – choosing or changing your major or research focus, managing competing priorities, defining a career path, or worries over academic achievement. You are not alone!

Explore our website and browse through the 20+ stories about the challenges experienced by students at MIT and the strategies they use to cope with them.

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By Tara Thakurta
Tara Thakurta Graduate Community Fellow