Here’s What You Should—and Shouldn’t—Capitalize on Your Resume

By Leto Papadopolous

As a career coach, I’ve worked alongside recruiters and heard their complaints as they review resumes. I remember one squinting at the screen as she tried to read a resume with tiny font, and another telling me she doesn’t even consider a candidate if she sees typos in a resume or cover letter.

And I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes myself over the years and seen clients make large and small mistakes that can hurt their chances at landing an interview. One thing I frequently notice and fix while editing resumes is words that are capitalized even though they really should be lowercase. For example, I’ll see clients share names of departments they’ve collaborated with or various job titles within their resume bullets, all capitalized. It’s just not necessary! Sometimes candidates are trying to indicate that something is important or they simply don’t know the rules around capitalization on a resume. But they don’t need nearly as many capital letters on their resumes as they think—and neither do you.

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By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann Prehealth & Career Advisor Ariel Ackermann