Lessons From the Aerospace Life: Networking is Important, Too

By Jordan Cox | Air & Space Magazine

The job: Lara works in the Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) structures department at the company’s St. Louis facility, where he investigates materials and composites for building lighter and stronger aircraft. Lara has also worked on the electric-powered unmanned Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV), a prototype now undergoing flight tests, and Boeing’s T-X, which is set to replace the U.S. Air Force T-38 Talon advanced trainer beginning in 2024.

The path: Lara attended Miami’s Florida International University, where mechanical and material engineering students can take introductory courses in flight mechanics, the design and analysis of aerospace structures, and propulsion systems. The university offers a minor degree program in aerospace engineering, and Lara found ways to expand his studies. A friend suggested that he check out the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which provides prospective aerospace, automotive, and commercial-vehicle engineers a chance to mix with industry experts and to compete in collegiate design competitions. See the full article here.

By Alexis Boyer
Alexis Boyer Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Services Alexis Boyer