Resume Critiques & Office Hours


Fall 2019 – Employer Office Hours and Resume Critiques


Employer Resume Critiques

Employer Resume Critiques are a great way to prepare for the Fall Career Fair! Employers from a range of industries will be on campus from 9/16-9/19 to meet with students and offer resume critiques and provide insight and tips into having a successful experience at the fair. Feel free to also practice your handshake or elevator pitch as well!


Monday September 16: 

Stroud International Consulting - Scientific and Technical 
McKinsey & Co. Consulting - Management
Optum (UnitedHealth Group Company) Healthcare
Milwaukee Tool (Course 2) Consumer Packaged Goods
Milwaukee Tool (Course 2) Consumer Packaged Goods
Milwaukee Tool (Course 6-1, 6-2)               Consumer Packaged Goods
Hyannis Port Research Electronic & Computer Hardware



Tuesday September 17:

Boston Children’s Hospital      Healthcare
Toast         Internet & Software
iBoss Internet & Software



Wednesday September 18:

Scismic Biotech & Life Sciences
Gridspace Telecommunications
SambaNova Systems

Electronic & Computer Hardware

Capital One Commercial Banking
ExxonMobil Oil & Gas
Milwaukee Tool (Course 2) Consumer Packaged Goods
Milwaukee Tool (Course 2) Consumer Packaged Goods
Milwaukee Tool (Course 2, 6-2, 6-3) Consumer Packaged Goods
Milwaukee Tool (Course 6-1, 6-2) Consumer Packaged Goods


Thursday September 19:

Success Academy Charter Schools Education
Optimus Ride Transportation & Logistics
REX Real Estate Real Estate
ExxonMobil Oil & Gas
Expanse Inc. Internet & Software
SambaNova Systems                       Electronic & Computer Hardware

Consulting - Management


Office Hours

Employers will be visiting CAPD's office (E17-294) to hold scheduled 20-minute, one-on-one appointments with students to discuss their company as well as provide career advice and resume/portfolio critiques.  These informational interviews are a great way to connect with an employer and learn about their operations, industry, and opportunities. The full list of employers is below:


9/10/19 – OC&C Consultants                                        Consulting - Management

9/11/19 – General Motors (Undergraduates)        Automotive

9/11/19 – General Motors (Graduates)                    Automotive

9/12/19 – Five Rings Capital                                           Investment / Portfolio Management

9/17/19 – Commure                                                         Internet & Software

9/18/19 – Ata Engineering                                             Consulting - Scientific and Technical

9/18/19 – Success Academy Charter Schools          Education

9/19/19 – Blue Rive Technology                                  Internet & Software

9/19/19 – Gridspace                                                         Telecommunications

9/19/19 – National Renewable Energy Lab              Utilities and Renewable Energy

10/4/19 – Activision Blizzard                                         Internet & Software

10/8/19 – Hyannis Port Research                                Electronic & Computer Hardware

10/16/19 – Appian Corporation                                   Internet & Software

10/21/19 – Boston Consulting Group                        Consulting - Management

11/14/19 – Yale Law School                                           Law