Schedule Interviews

CAPD supports employers who wish to interview students on-campus in CAPD’s interview suite or remotely. Employers can promote interview opportunities and organize interview schedules through Handshake.

  • On-campus Interviews

    MIT Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) is pleased to offer services to employers who wish to interview students in on-campus starting Monday, September 25, 2023. Below are additional details in regard to interviewing on the MIT campus in one of the interview rooms in CAPD.

    On-Campus Interviewing in CAPD (building E17 room 294)

    • $200 per reserved room each day
    • Review the MIT Recruiting calendar to become familiar with key dates
    • In-person interviews can only be arranged with currently enrolled MIT students. If you choose to interview MIT Alumni or others, they can be included in the interview schedule but you must conduct those interviews virtually because MIT alumni and others do not have access to campus
    • Employer Representative(s) agree to comply with state, local, and MIT protocols and guidance requirements (see MIT’s Visitor Access Policy) and acknowledge and agree to terms and conditions for campus access
    • For more information or clarification, please email 
  • Virtual Interviews

    When interviewing students remotely, your organization can choose to either set-up and manage your own interview schedules in Handshake, or for a small fee, partner with CAPD and receive additional marketing and logistical support using Handshake to manage interview scheduling and sign-ups.

    Managing Your Own Virtual Schedules using Handshake – FREE

    If you wish to set-up and manage your own virtual interview schedules in Handshake, we recommend you review hosting virtual interviews on Handshake for the particulars on how to manage your own schedule.

    CAPD Support for Virtual Interviews using Handshake – $100 per Schedule

    If you wish to partner with us to utilize Handshake to manage interview scheduling and sign-ups, there is no charge for posting your internship or job on Handshake but a $100 fee per interview schedule. This cost supports administrative fees to set-up and manage your pre-select or select schedules in Handshake. It also includes additional marketing support to increase the awareness for your job posting(s) and interview schedule(s). We value those employers who simplify the recruiting process for students by using Handshake. To increase awareness for those employers who tie job postings to interview schedules in Handshake, we will be highlighting these opportunities on our website and through newsletters. CAPD Support for virtual interviews consists of the following:

    • Logistical Support and Assistance with:
      • Use of the Handshake platform
      • Interview schedule management
      • Other support as needed
    • Marketing Support
      • Visibility on Handshake to the 13000+ Community Members
      • “Who’s Interviewing Now” feature on our website
      • Outreach via newsletters or email
    • Hours and Scheduling
      • The hours for virtual interview schedules is flexible.
      • Our Recruiting Calendar identifies helpful time-frames and restrictions for scheduling virtual interviews.
      • If not using Handshake to schedule and manage interview schedules, employers are requested to inform students about the scheduling process and timeline.

    You can reserve interview schedules* for recruiting through the Handshake online reservation system. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at *Please note that all scheduled virtual interviews must be hosted by the employer and must be exclusively limited to the MIT community (students, current post-docs and alumni). MIT CAPD does not provide, endorse, or support any video conferencing software.

  • Cancellation and Refund Policies

    For employers who partner with CAPD to schedule on-campus or virtual interviews, interviews can be cancelled at any time. However, please provide our office and our students at least 24 hours advance notice of an interview cancellation. The cost for on-campus interview space or virtual interview schedule(s) are eligible for refund, minus a 5% processing fee, only if both of the following criteria are met:

    • Cancellation is no more than 30 days after payment date
    • Cancellation is no less than 30 days before the interview date

    Reimbursements can be issued up to 30 days after the payment, but not later than 30 days before the reservation date.

  • School Closings and Emergencies

    Our office aligns with all official MIT closings. Please check MIT Emergency Information or call the MIT Snow line (617) 253 -7669 for up-to-date closing information. Additionally, any unexpected closing will be posted on our home page. In case of an emergency closing, we will work with you to reschedule any event you may have arranged through our office.
  • Tips for Interviewing Students from MIT

    • Read the MIT Recruiting Guideline for Employers to develop a timeline for making offers to students.
    • Plan in advance if scheduling interviews around one of the many career fairs offered throughout the year.
    • Include MIT alumni from your company in the interview process.
    • Try to be flexible but consistent with your schedule as MIT students tend to pack their days very full.
    • If a student has an academic conflict with an interview time, please be considerate and offer an alternative time which works for both parties.
    • Clarify the next steps in your company’s interview process as it differs from company to company.