In their own voices: ADHDers share their experiences

In the LinkedIn Learning course, “Understanding and Supporting ADHD Colleagues in the Workplace,” Dr. Tiffany Jameson interviews several working professionals with ADHD to share real-world stories and first-hand experiences of how this condition can impact the career journey.

“How I survived finding a job”

Wesley Wade (he/him) is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, licensed clinical addictions specialist, and a neuro-diversity advocate who talks about surviving the job search with ADHD.

“I’ve had to learn how to play well with others”

Perpetua Neo (she/her) is a psychologist and executive coach for overachieving leaders who shares her experience working in a team environment as an ADHDer.

“Intent vs. Impact with words”

Alex Krantzler (she/they) is a diversity, equity, & inclusion program management discusses their experience with workplace conversations where intent and impact of words don’t always match.

“Finding my own way with ADHD”

Michael Metro (he/him) is a business development manager at a diversity and inclusion consulting organization who shares his experiences of finding his own way to thrive in the workplace.


“It’s more than ADHD for me”

In this last video, Tiffany speaks with each guest to provide insight on the complexities and experiences of individuals with ADHD based on the intersectionalities of their personal identities (gender, sex, race, sexuality, disability, and physical appearance)