Diversity Resources

Advancing Access and Opportunity

We seek to advance access and opportunity for students of all backgrounds. To strengthen our mission in providing holistic career services, here are resources that acknowledge identities and experiences that are underrepresented, marginalized, and/or intersectional. 

These MIT Offices can help MIT students and post-docs of diverse backgrounds access resources and find community:

Multicultural Programs at MIT

Office of Minority Education (OME) (Undergraduate)

Office of Graduate Education: GradDiversity (Graduate)

SPXCE Social Justice Programming and Cross-Cultural Engagement


Develop Connections @ MIT

The MIT network is powerful. Join identity-based student organizations, professional associations, or social groups – they can help build connections with students, alumni, staff and faculty. These groups provide a space for individuals of similar backgrounds to find community in industries, sectors and spaces where they are usually the minority.  


Additional Identity-Based Resources

Use the following Airtable to search for internships, mentorship programs, industry conferences and professional development resources that acknowledge, celebrate and support diverse populations. You can filter by populations you identify with to find specific resources. Over 200 resources have been curated to provide support for: African American/Black, Asian American/Pacific Islander, DACA/Undocumented, First Generation, Latino/a/x, LGBTQ, Multiracial/Multiethnic, Native American, Students of Color, Students with Disabilities, Veterans, and Women.

You can sort, filter, and group the above Airtable resources by Type (articles, databases, websites, etc.), Populations (Asian American, African American, LGBTQ, etc.), or Resources (Job Board, Advocacy, Events, etc.).


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