Computing & computer technology job/internship search sites

In addition to Handshake, you can use the websites below to find jobs and internships related to computing and computer technology. CAPD has not vetted opportunities listed here, so use your best judgement and reach out to CAPD if you have questions about an opportunity.

  • CrunchBoard – the official job board of TechCrunch+
  • Neurotechx – Neurotechx has job and internship postings at the intersection of neuroscience and computer science. This resource offers opportunities in academia and industry.
  • Arc – remote junior developer jobs & internships
  • Wellfound – job and internship postings at start-ups
  • Dice -tech focused full-time, part-time, contract based and third party employment types.
  • Molerat – platform for tech talent to discover opportunities in AI. It’s designed to match people who want to start building with AI companies and startups in a fun and effective way