Request Letters of Recommendation

Medical schools will get a good sense of you as a person by reading your letters of recommendation.

Include three to five letters of recommendation in your application.

Get strong recommendation letters from people who know you well. You should include:

  • Two science letters: from professors who have taught you, ideally in biology, chemistry, physics, math, or brain and cognitive sciences.
  • One non-science letter: possibly from a humanities professor, music or arts instructor, etc.
  • Research letters: this is particularly important if you are interested in MD-PhD programs, than applicants should include several research letters.

You can also include letters that highlight:

  • Community service
  • Health-related experiences
  • Leadership experiences

The Prehealth Credential Service stores and sends letters to schools and/or application services.

Tips for Requesting Letters

  • Begin requesting letters of recommendation as early as the fall before your application year. Your recommenders will appreciate having plenty of time.
  • Make time to meet with your recommenders. Explain why you want to go to medical school and provide them with information that can help them with their letter. This might include an up-to-date resume or a draft of your personal statement.
  • Always send a thank you note to recommenders. They are doing you a favor by writing a letter on your behalf. Let them know you appreciate it.