Prepare for Med School Interviews

You’ve been invited to interview. Now what?

The interview is the last step of the application process. You will be invited to the schools to interview virtually or on campus.

What to expect:

  • Your interview may be in person or virtual.
  • You might stay with a campus host.
  • You can meet students.
  • You will interview with faculty or university staff.
  • Your interview may be MMI (multiple mini interview) or traditional interview format, or a combination of both. 
  • You might have to present your research (if you are an MD-PhD candidate).

How to prepare:

  • Research the school.
  • Do informational interviews with MIT alums who attended the school.
  • Practice sample interview questions. Try them out loud with a friend.
  • Schedule a mock interview with Prehealth Advising. Log into Handshake to schedule and appointment.
  • Work with your professors to plan your interviews around your MIT schedule.
  • Familiarize yourself with MMI-style interviews.
  • Prepare yourself with CAPD’s Virtual Interviewing Tips.

MD-PhD interviews

If you are an MD-PhD applicant, you will be asked similar questions to MD candidates. MD-PhD applicants should also have thoughtful responses to these questions:

  1. Why do you want to enter an MD-PhD program?
  2. What career do you hope to pursue with your MD-PhD?
  3. Describe your research experiences.

Be prepared to discuss your research accomplishments and future research interests. Interviewers want to know if an MD-PhD program is the right fit for you and your career interests. Practice with these sample MD-PhD interview questions.


Schools will get in touch with you for interviews as early as mid-August and as late as April. Keep track of each school’s admissions process on your master spreadsheet to keep perspective on each school’s timeline for communicating decisions.