MPP Career Fair – Employer Information

Connect with strong candidates. The Master’s, PhD, and Postdoc (MPP) Career Fair offers the opportunity to connect with candidates of the highest caliber with a wide variety of career interests that include, but go far beyond, traditional engineering and technology career paths.  

This fair is customized to serve advanced degree students (Master’s and Ph.D.) and postdocs helping ensure you see candidates that have the qualifications needed for your open positions.  

Recruit in your best setting. We are offering both in-person and virtual options for this fair to ensure you are able to recruit in an environment that works best for you and that meets your organization’s current rules and policies around travel and in-person event attendance.  

The in-person fair may represent a particularly attractive opportunity for local Cambridge area employers, while the virtual fair, at both a lower registration cost and not requiring travel, may present an ideal situation for employers that are farther from MIT. 

Employer registration for the 2022 MPP Fair is now closed.

  • General Fair Information
  • Registration
  • Discounts
  • Campus Access and Visitors
  • Shipping Information
  • In-Person Day-of Logistics
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  • In-Person MPP Career Fair
    Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022
    Time: 12 PM – 4 PM 
    Location: Johnson Ice Rink, Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center, 1st Floor (Check-in at Johnson Lobby)

    Registration Closed
    Registration/Sponsorship Fees: $600 for for-profit organizations. $400 for non-profits, government orgs., small businesses (fewer than 10 employees), and start-ups that are part of the MIT Start-Up Exchange.

    Virtual MPP Career Fair
    Date: Friday, April 1, 2022 
    Time: 1 PM – 6 PM 
    Location: Virtual, on Handshake 
    Registration: Handshake registration link for virtual fair
    Employer Virtual Fair Registration Closes: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 5pm ET
    Registration/Sponsorship Fees: $300 for for-profit organizations. $100 for non-profits, government orgs., small businesses (fewer than 10 employees), and start-ups that are part of the MIT Start-Up Exchange.


    March 15 – Finalize names of attending Representatives
    March 18 – Parking Pass Request
    March 21 – Special food requests
    March 25 – Shipped materials must be received at MIT
    March 25 – On-campus interview room requests
  • Employer registration for the 2022 MPP Fair is now closed.
    Employer registration in Handshake begins December 15, 2021. Employers must register for the in-person and virtual events separately, if choosing to attend both.

    Registration Approvals Process
    Priority will be given to approving employers with currently open and anticipated positions for Masters, PhD, and Postdoc students. MIT and the Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) office reserve the right to deny approval to any employer registration, in order to connect MIT students and alumni with relevant opportunities. Registering for either fair does not guarantee approval.  

    Registration approvals will be sent to employers no earlier than January 2022, and, in order to review all employer approvals, there may be up to a 2-week (10 business day) delay between registration submission and approval/waitlist/denial notification.  

    Employer Representative Limits for the In-person Fair on March 31st
    The number of employers attending and their representatives for the in-person event will be limited to 4 representatives total at the in-person fair. Two representatives are included in the registration fee. There is an additional $100 fee for each additional employer representative at the in-person fair, with a limit of having a total of 4 representatives per employer / booth.

      Please note: CAPD will be responsible for issuing a ‘Tim Ticket’ for each employer representative participating in the in-person MPP fair to have access to the MIT campus. Therefore, all employer representatives must be listed in advance to ensure admission to the event. Last minute substitution of representatives will not be possible.

    In-person fair employer registrants will be notified of their status by the end of February, and virtual fair registrants will be notified of their status no later than March 16, 2022.
  • A discount of $100 will be available to employers who register for both events. This discount will be applied to the virtual fair registration.

    Discounts are also available for each fair for non-profit & government orgs, as well as small businesses (fewer than 10 employees) and start-ups that are part of the MIT Start-Up Exchange. These discounted rates will be $400 for the in-person fair on 3/31/2022, and $100 for the virtual fair on 4/1/2022. 
  • MIT has updated its MIT Campus Access and Visitors as of Monday, March 14, 2022.

    Individual employer representatives attending the MPP fair must be registered in advance so that CAPD can make arrangements to provide MIT Tim Tickets for accessing campus. Tim Tickets, MIT’s visitor pass system, provides invited visitors to campus a digital pass, referred to as a “ticket.” Tim Tickets must be used to grant visitors unescorted access to MIT facilities. Registration in advance of the MPP Fair is required for each employer representative to be granted a Tim Ticket. Visitors using Tim Tickets must:

    – Provide their contact information (name, phone number, email address) for contact tracing purposes.
    – Accept MIT guidelines for campus access and agree to adhere to MIT rules and protocols.
    – Submit a daily health attestation.
    – Attest that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a religious belief or medical condition that prevents them from receiving the vaccine. Tim Ticket users who are eligible for a booster vaccination must also attest to having received the booster shot.

    Authorized visitors in Tim Tickets will be given a QR code that grants access to MIT buildings and/or events.

    Learn more about MIT Campus Access and Visitor Policies
  • Shipping Information

    Please arrange to have your materials shipped to: (shipping address and info must be exact)

    c/o MPP Fair – March 31st
    350 Brookline Street, WW15
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    ***Company Name MUST Appear on Materials***

    Items must arrive at MIT no later than Friday, March 25th. We cannot guarantee packages delivered beyond this date will be available at the fair. If you have shipped packages to MIT, please check your tracking numbers to confirm delivery. Your shipped materials will be at your booth upon arrival.

    To ship materials from the fair back to you, you must box them up yourself, and affix them with a pre-paid label. You are responsible for setting up with a shipping vendor of your choice and creating a pre-paid label. Please bring this with you as you will not have the opportunity to set this up or print this during the fair.

    Please bring your items to the Employer Lounge after 3:30pm and no later than 4:15pm. We will have packing tape and markers for your packages if needed. Packages must be dropped off by 4:15pm. No exceptions please!


    If you need parking on-campus, please email by Friday, March 18th. Please note there are only a limited number of parking passes available and they will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis by request received.


    Coffee, tea and water will be available upon arrival. Each employer will also receive a boxed lunch and beverages. If you have specific dietary needs (including vegetarian or dairy free) or allergies, please contact by Monday, March 21st to discuss. Lunch will be available starting at 11:45am. You may enjoy the use of the employer lounge to take a break, eat your lunch, or if you prefer please feel free to also eat at your booth. Outside of the fair, there are very limited options to purchase food and beverages due to COVID, so please bring any additional items you think you may want.


    Johnson Athletic Center, 122 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 (Map of Building Location)


    Employer check-in at the Johnson Lobby on the 1st Floor will begin after 11:00am; unfortunately, we cannot accommodate earlier arrivals.

    NOTE: There is no drop-off location directly in front of this venue. Be prepared to carry any items not shipped in advance, or bring a luggage cart to transport heavier items.


    The booth dimensions are 10 feet wide X 8 feet deep. Tables are covered and skirted and include: 2 chairs (or more if you paid for additional reps), an identifying sign and booth #, and an electrical outlet. Each registered Rep will also receive a nametag upon arrival. Free Wi-Fi will be available to you.

    A digital display of a booth map will also be available in the fair lobby in the Johnson Athletic Center (120 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA), and a PDF of the map.


    In-Person Career Fair Advice for Employers

    Build Your Brand

  • Scheduled Chats and Sessions

    Handshake- Quick Fair Tips 
    Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers 
    Creating a Schedule for Virtual Fairs 
    Video: How to Set a Schedule for a Virtual Fair 
    Hosting Virtual Fair Sessions 
    Handshake Video Test
    Creating a Virtual Background with Snap Camera

    Managing your Team’s 1:1 Schedule

    Creating an Employer Account
    Adding a teammate to the fair/event
    Editing group sessions/1:1 sessions

    Outreach to Candidates to Fill Your Schedules

    – Send targeted invites to candidates. Please see the email with the subject line “Promoting Virtual Fair Chats and Sessions” that provides a resume book of all registered candidates as of March 25th.
    – Consider if your schedule qualifications for candidate sign-ups are too limiting. Click the button “Manage Sessions”, then click on “Edit 1:1 qualifications”. In the popup, select the team member that you would like to edit qualifications for and make changes as needed. In the lower-right corner of the popup, click “Update Qualifications” to save your changes. Repeat these steps for each team member’s schedules as needed.


    – Each individual session is 10 minutes long and group sessions are 30 minutes long
    – Entire 1:1 schedules can be transferred, but not individual sessions
    – Employers cannot add a candidate to their schedule, the candidate must sign up in Handshake. Information for candidates on how to sign up for chats and sessions is provided on our Candidate Information page.
    – If you run out of time with a candidate, the candidate will be able to sign up for another slot but only with a different representative from your organization.


    On Friday, April 1st, a limited number of rooms will be available for employers wishing to conduct interviews with students they met at the fair. These interviews will take place in CAPD, located in building E17 room 294.

    Requests for rooms may be limited to one room per employer and requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis. The cost of attending the MPP fair includes just one free interview room. If able to provide you with more than one interview room, the additional rooms will be $200 each. The deadline for interview room reservations is Friday, March 25, 2022. If after that date, there are more rooms available, employers interested in having more than one room will be contacted.

    To request a room please send the following information to Dalton Jones at by March 25, 2022.
    – Name of Company
    – Name of each representative using the interview room
    – Phone number of each representative interviewing on campus
    – Email of each representative interviewing on campus
    – Preferred quantity of rooms requesting to be reserved. (If CAPD is able to provide more than one room we will reach out after March 25th. Additional rooms are $200 each)

    All of this information is required per MIT’s Campus Access and Visitor policies. We cannot make arrangements for your company to interview students on campus without this information. All details are required by March 25th.
  • Virtual Career Fair Resources

    Handshake- Quick Fair Tips
    Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers
    Creating a Schedule for Virtual Fairs 

    Video: How to Set a Schedule for a Virtual Fair 

    Hosting Virtual Fair Sessions 

    MIT Recruiting Information and Advice

    MIT Recruiting Guidelines

    In-Person Career Fair Advice for Employers

    MIT Now information on Covid policies and procedures

    Get Help the Day of the Virtual Fair

    Handshake Virtual Help Room

    CAPD Help Room, Come chat with us!

    Handshake App – download the app on your phone or mobile device through the Apple Store or Google Play for access to the fair map and list of employers. Learn more about using Handshake Mobile

For additional details, please visit the main Master’s, PhD, and Postdoc (MPP) Career Fair page