Micro-internships Replace MIT Externships Program

Looking for short-term opportunities to explore career paths, gain work experience, earn money and build your professional network?

Consider a micro-internship

Micro-Internships for first & second year undergrads:

These opportunities are funded through Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) 

Other opportunities include:

Micro-internships are 2-4 week projects or internships available over fall 2020 and IAP 2021 open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Does this sound like an externship? The MIT Externship Program has been transformed into micro-internship opportunities.   

What is the difference between externships and micro-internships? Instead of a matching process of students to alumni hosts, micro-internships will be offered by a broad set of employers. While alumni may host some of the micro-internships, any employer can offer these opportunities. Micro-internships are posted in Handshake and the application process is similar to applying for an internship. Also, there are no longer set application deadlines, we encourage students to apply to micro-internships as they become available.  

Why the change? By opening up micro-internships to all potential employers, we will be able to offer a broader set of opportunities for students.  

Will I still be connecting with a host? The mentor-mentee relationship and learning experience are still at the foundation of the experience. While no formal match is established, students and hosts are encouraged to foster these valuable connections.    

Will any externships be offered during IAP? No, externships will no longer be available. However, micro-internships  will be available during the semester as well as during IAP.  

Are micro-internships only available during IAP? While a majority of micro-internships will be available over IAP, some employers are posting opportunities for fall 2020.  

Who can apply? These opportunities are specifically for MIT students and, for the 2020-2021 academic year, you can complete a majority of these opportunities remotely.  

Where can I find micro-internship opportunities in Handshake? It’s really easy to search for micro-internships.

  • Simply log into Handshake, select Jobs then enter the keyword “micro-intern”
  • Or select Jobs -> All Filters -> and select “micro-internships” under the filter Labeled by your school 

CAPD is working hard to add fall and IAP micro-internships in Handshake. These opportunities are posted specifically for the MIT community, by alumni and employers who want to work with you! Please be sure to check Handshake regularly as additional opportunities will continue to come in.