Interviews and Offers

Applying to a job online can feel like dropping your resume into a black hole.

Your resume and cover letter can get your foot in the door, but if you know someone who works where you've applied, networking can land you the interview. Make sure you send an email to let your contact know your application is in.

Interviewing takes practice, and navigating multiple opportunities or offers requires strategy and honesty. It's best to be candid with employers about your situation and your needs, and you should never accept a job unless you intend to take it.

Here are 3 things to consider as you enter the interviewing and offers stage of the job search:

  1. Know MIT’s Recruiting Policies and Expectations. Whether you are interviewing through On-Campus Recruiting or not, be sure to know your recruiting rights and responsibilities before you interview. You should also be aware of the recruiting policies and procedures expected for employers. If you have questions about MIT’s recruiting policies or how to handle a difficult situation with an employer, let us know. Email us, come by during drop-in hours, or schedule an appointment on Handshake.
  2. Schedule a Mock Interview. Interviewing takes practice. Start by reading our advice for a successful interview, but practice with us too. A mock interview with a career advisor can be helpful — especially if you’ve never interviewed before. Mock interviews are 50 minute one-on-one appointments. We'll ask you common interview questions and offer constructive feedback about your responses.
  3. Prepare to Negotiate. Even before receiving a job offer, you might need to negotiate. Maybe you want to reschedule an interview, or you need more time to make a decision. Once you have an offer you hope to accept, there may be pieces of it you'd like to negotiate, such as start date, salary, relocation reimbursements, signing bonus, or even elements of a non-disclosure agreement. Learn how to negotiate with help from us. See our events calendar for a negotiating workshop and schedule an appointment to talk your situation over with a career advisor.