Consider a Micro-Internship

What is a  Micro-Internship?

Micro-internships are short-term projects or internships offered by MIT alumni and other employers interested in MIT talent.

  • Micro-internships typically range between 2-4 weeks and 10-35 hours per week, however, terms are flexible and predicated based on the nature of the highly-specific, project-based work.
  • Micro-interns have varying responsibilities including research, data analysis, software development, or other projects that provide an opportunity to prototype a career and meet a workplace need.
  • Micro-interns also build mentoring relationships and professional networks the can leverage beyond the experience.
  • Micro-internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Due to the Fall 2020 Semester changes caused by Covid-19, students are eligible to apply to micro-internships through the Fall semester and during the IAP break.

How Do I Find Micro-Internship Opportunities?

  • Log into Handshake.
  • Select Jobs.
  • Type “micro-intern” in the search box or select Jobs -> All Filters -> and select “micro-internships” under the filter Labeled by your school.
  • Each micro-internships posting will specify whether the opportunity is connected with an alumni host.

Will I be Paid?

CAPD strongly recommends that all micro-interns are paid.  

  • Employers are encouraged to pay students fair market value for their work or at least minimum wage.
  • If you are considering completing an unpaid micro-internship, please reach out to Tavi Sookhoo at to discuss your particular situation.

Global Micro-Internships

If you are interested in doing a micro-internship with a company located abroad, your micro-internship will be administered through the MISTI program. MISTI program managers have expertise in the culture, language and internship practices of the host country and can assist with internship funding, preparation, logistics and administration. 

What Is the Application Process?

The application process for a micro-internship is the same as applying for a traditional internship except the process may advance more quickly.

  • In general, applicants will be asked to submit a resume and cover letters, employers might require additional application materials.
  • Students will likely interview for the opportunity.
  • CAPD recommends that students have 5-7 business days to make a decision about completing a micro-internship.
  • Expectations for participating for a micro-internship are very similar as those for students participating in the recruiting process for internships. View the recruiting guidelines for students.
  • International opportunities have different processes and requirements.

Schedule an appointment via Handshake to meet with a CAPD staff member for help with your application or to prepare for an interview. 

Guidance for International Students

Undergraduate and graduate international students hired for a micro-internship must receive off campus work authorization (CPT, OPT or AT) before they can begin. OPT authorization can take up to 120 days for processing.

International students are strongly encouraged to first review the ISO’s information on employment and then contact their ISO advisor with any follow up questions regarding their eligibility for these micro-internship opportunities..