Career Fairs and Company Presentations

Company Presentations

Companies hold presentations or receptions on or near campus to provide opportunities for students to learn about company culture, current projects and initiatives, and job or internship opportunities. Typically you can network with recruiters, and sometimes with MIT alumni that work for the company. These events are reserved for MIT students and alumni only. An MIT ID will be required for entrance. Visit CareerBridge to view a full listing of events held by employers on campus. 

During the week of the Fall Career Fair, company presentations are managed by the Fall Career Fair student leaders. Due to limited space on campus and a high volume of requests, presentations the week of the Fall Career Fair may not be available to all Fall Career Fair sponsors. Please visit the Fall Career Fair site to learn more and register at 

(Employers: Interested in presenting on or off campus? Learn how to book a company presentation.)

Career Fairs for MIT Students and Alumni

MIT has a diverse range of career fairs, only a few of which are run by Career Advising & Professional Development. Others are managed by student organizations or academic departments. MIT students are also welcome at some fairs hosted by companies, professional organizations, and other universities.

To get the most of your career fair experience, see our Tips for Career Fair Success. You can also check out our events calendar for career fair workshops.

Fall Career Fair - September 20, 2019

This career fair kicks off the fall recruiting season and is the largest fair on-campus with over 350 companies in attendance.

Biological Engineering Career Expo – Friday, October 4, 2019

Organized by: MIT Biological Engineering Department (Course 20)
The annual MIT Biological Engineering Career Expo is organized for recruiters with internship and full-time positions to meet MIT undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students who are interested in pursuing full-time, co-op, or internship opportunities in biotech, pharma, venture-capital, and related fields. Please note that student registration is by invitation only, and students that have not been invited and registered for the fair will not be allowed into the event. Students who can receive an invitation will not only be from the Biological Engineering department, but will also include MIT students from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, along with Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students who have a biological or biochemical emphasis, as well as first year students exploring these courses of study. To inquire about receiving an invitation to this event, please contact

Engineering Career Fair Collaborative  - November 15, 2019

Sponsored by the career offices of Harvard University, Boston University College of Engineering, Olin College, Tufts University, and MIT. 

Analytics Career Night - February 4, 2020

Organized by: The MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics (MBAn( and the MBAn Class of 2020
The MIT Analytics Career Night is an evening dedicated to exposing the MIT community to graduate opportunities in data science and business analytics. Each year, during the first week of the spring semester, companies from all industries and sizes come to the MIT Media Lab to showcase their analytics excellence and recruit future talent.

European Career Fair - February 22, 2020

Organized by: The MIT European Club. 
The MIT European Career Fair (ECF) is an annual recruiting event, organized by the MIT European Club and taking place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA. Their mission is to connect top-tier US students and young professionals with European companies, universities and non-profit organizations and to generally inform about career opportunities in Europe.

xFair - February 25, 2020

Organized by: TechX and The MIT Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.
xFair (which joins Techfair and TBP's career fair) is a career fair and expo combined. Companies can showcase their products and services to thousands of MIT students in order to build their brand at MIT and give students a better idea of what they could work on during a potential internship or job.

Asian Career Fair Online - March 2020

Open to MIT, Harvard and prestigious colleges and universities around Boston.
MIT Asian Career Fair (ACF) 2020 will be held online via a webinar platform on Mar 2020, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. ACF provides a wonderful opportunity for candidates who are looking for potential positions in industry and academia in Asian market. ACF is an annual event held by MIT Asian Club, attracts companies and research institutes from all over the world who provides job opportunities in Asia. 

Spring Career Fair - April 2, 2020

Organized by: Career Advising & Professional Development 
MIT's Spring Career Fair is Thursday, April 2 from 11am -4pm in Johnson Athletic Center. We're gathering a diverse group of companies to provide opportunities for a broad range of student interests. Whether you make code, vaccines, data visualizations, policy-influencing research, medical devices, or robots, you can make it happen this year at Spring Career Fair!

Polymer Day - TBD

Organized by: The Polymer Graduate Student Association

Polymer Day is a unique event for graduate students from MIT and surrounding colleges and universities to interact with employers in the polymer field.

Energy Career Fair - TBD

Organized by: The Energy Club

MIT Alumni Virtual Career Fair - October, February and May Annually

Organized by: The MIT Alumni Association

Tips for Career Fair Success

  • Clarify your career goals and identify your career fields, industries, and companies of interest well before the career fair.
  • Update your resume and have it critiqued through an advising meeting.
  • Research companies prior to speaking to employers at the fair. Know what the company does, their career opportunities, and any recent company news. Most career fair websites provide a list of registered employers. Prioritize your top companies.
  • Dress professionally for your industry of interest.
  • Appearance matters: shower, comb, and brush! Iron clothes and use a breath mint.
  • Get the career fair map and plan your attack.
  • Collect more than free stuff. Ask for business cards from reps. Bring resumes to give to them.
  • Practice your handshake with a friend.
  • After the fair, apply to positions promptly and follow up with reps to let them know you have applied. Send a tailored email to them and reference specifics from your fair day conversation.

Develop an Elevator Pitch

  • Perfect your 30-second introduction, including your name, course, graduation date, area of interest, and relevant experiences.
  • Think through the goal of your pitch and what you want to convey.
  • Describe what you do, focusing on strengths, interests, and recent accomplishments.
  • Credit team members and mentors.
  • Engage the listener with question and give them an opporunity to respond. Avoid basic questions you could have googled in advance, such as "What does your company do?"