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Stay up-to-date with curated events, resources, and opportunities that fit your interests by signing up for CAPD’s newsletters and customized automated emails. Newsletters provide curated content hand-picked by a CAPD staff member for a specific group, while automated emails provide weekly or monthly highlights from any of your selected interests.

Sign up for our newsletters and automated emails by updating your uConnect profile and preferences or, if you’re interested in joining the Prehealth Advising team’s medical and health professions email list, signing up here.

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Undergrad students

Graduate students


Tailored newsletters for your classification

If you’re a first-year undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoc, we have career newsletters focused on information relevant to you. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors, don’t feel left out — the early career newsletter is made just for you.

Undergraduate students & graduate students: Sign up by updating your uConnect profile and preferences to show your classification (your year in undergrad or your graduate status). Have questions? Contact us.

Postdocs: Postdocs automatically receive CAPD’s tailored career newsletter, so if you aren’t receiving the emails, please contact us for help.

Exploring? Don’t know where to start?

Exploring career fields? Want to grow your professional development? Not sure where to begin?

When you sign up for automated emails by updating your uConnect profile and preferences, select any topics or career fields that feel interesting to you. Weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences, you’ll receive an automated email that curates updates from any pages you pick.

As you discover your interests, tailor these email updates by updating your preferences. Since the emails are automated based on what interests you, they’ll grow with you.

Have questions? Contact us.

Medical & health professions

Interested in medical school or another health profession?

Our Prehealth Advising team sends a weekly newsletter to MIT students and alumni interested in health-related professions such as medical, veterinary, or dental. Sign up here. Have questions? Contact us.

Law, social impact, & policy

Thinking about a future in law, social impact, or policy?

Get relevant updates, announcements, and events every month. This is the new edition of our Pre-Law Newsletter. Sign up by updating your uConnect profile and preferences to include the Law career interest. Have questions? Contact us.