Open a Credential Service Account

What is the Credential Service?

The prehealth credential service is an online system for MIT students and alums applying to medical/health profession schools and health-related scholarships.

The Credential Service:

  • Lets you request, collect, and store letters of recommendation
  • Lets you share your application materials with the Committee on Prehealth Advising (COPA), the MIT faculty members who will write a committee letter to accompany your application if you request it
  • Sends letters, including the COPA Letter (if applicable), electronically to application services

Opening an Account

If you are applying for a 2021 entry to medical/health profession school, you can open an account anytime from December 2 - December 16, 2019 at 5pm. Make sure you are on the prehealth email list to get reminders.

Credential Service Policies

  • There is a $100 non-refundable annual fee to use the prehealth credential service.
  • Recommendation letters may only be used for applying to medical/health profession schools.
  • If you want to reuse a letter that is one year or older, you need to get new consent from the author. We recommend that you ask for updates to old letters.   
  • If you waive your right to view a letter of recommendation, the letter is considered confidential and you cannot see it.

Questions? Call us at 617-715-5328, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.