Grad and Med School

Is Graduate School for You?

You might want to go further in your field of study after graduating from MIT. Or you might be considering a professional degree in medicine, law, or business.

We can help you explore your options and prepare for a program that makes sense for you. Come talk to us.

Prepare for Medical School

Chat with a prehealth advisor, learn how to get hands-on experience in a healthcare environment, and prepare personally and academically.

Apply to Medical School

Learn how to research schools, ask for letters of recommendation, write essays, and prepare for interviews. Get an MIT committee letter and use our prehealth credential service to send your application to medical schools. 

Prepare for Graduate School

Learn about doctoral programs, professional and academic master's programs, law school, and business school programs.

Apply to Graduate School

Know what you need to apply to graduate school – including law, business, and other professional programs – and when you need to do it. Get tips on application essays, interviews, and financial aid.