Fulbright Scholarship Internal Application

If you are considering applying for the Fulbright Scholarship, please take the time to read the following details on how MIT and the Distinguished Fellowships team supports you on this journey.

Details for the Fulbright Process

To apply for MIT’s internal deadline, please submit this form by August 6th at 4:00pm ET. Book a Fulbright 30-Minute appointment on Handshake to meet with Julia Mongo for an initial discussion of your Fulbright plans.

By August 13, prepare first drafts of both essays and meet with Julia Mongo to discuss. By August 27, prepare 2nd/ 3rd draft revisions and a draft of short responses. Meet with Julia Mongo to discuss; she must approve your materials for the internal deadline. On or before August 27 at 4pm ET, lock your application in the Fulbright portal (please note that you should NOT submit; use the “lock” function). Your recommender should upload their letter through the portal by August 27th.Your application will go to MIT Distinguished Fellowships, not Fulbright.

All internal deadline materials are due by August 27th at 4:00pm ET. They include a completed Fulbright application form, polished drafts of both essays, an official transcript, and one of the three recommendations.

MIT students/alumni who meet the internal deadline will meet in early September with two members of the Distinguished Fellowships Committee and will receive a Campus Committee Evaluation (CCE) form.

Students/alumni may apply to Fulbright if they miss the internal deadline, but must meet with Julia Mongo by Tuesday, September 3 to discuss their plans and by Tuesday, September 10 to present their initial essay drafts.  They will not meet with committee members or receive a CCE form. They will receive limited assistance from the Distinguished Fellowships office and must be prepared to work independently on their application.

If you cannot meet these deadlines, you are welcome to apply in a future cycle.

The Fulbright national deadline is Tuesday, October 8, 2024. Application with uploaded essays, three recommendations, official transcript(s), a host affiliation letter for research applicants, and an FLE form if required must be submitted by 5pm ET. Fulbright results are announced in Spring 2025.

Any questions, contact Julia Mongo (jmongo@mit.edu) or book a Fulbright appointment in Handshake. Our team are here to help you prepare for the Fulbright and navigate the application process—we look forward to working with you!

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program: https://us.fulbrightonline.org/
  • If you are a non-U.S. student, visit the Fulbright Foreign Student Program website for your country. Our office only assists MIT students/alumni applying to the Fulbright U.S. Student Program for research, graduate study, or English Teaching Assistant opportunities abroad.
  • Julia Mongo, MIT Fulbright Program Advisor, jmongo@mit.edu