Fall Career Fair Advisory Board

FCF Advisory Board Proposal (March – October annually)

CAPD recognizes the duty we have to capturing MIT community feedback with the aim of helping candidates explore industries and learn about potential job opportunities. The creation of a Fall Career Fair Advisory Board aims to be in consultation with important stakeholders, to improve the success of the Fall Career Fair, and adapt to the evolving markets. By assembling an advisory board, programming and planning can be enriched to meet the changing demands of candidates and employers. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply on Handshake – TBA in January.

The proposed advisory board consists of 5-10 members which may include students, recent alumni, faculty and staff. CAPD is committed to developing leadership skills across the student body, and maintains that a large percentage of board members will come from student participants. The advisory board will meet formally, two to three times each year, to help with the development and planning for the annual Fall Career Fair. Additional check-in meetings may happen ad hoc. The charge for the board is as follows: 

  • To discuss present-day recruiting needs for the MIT community including undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs, and identify ways the Fall Career Fair should be shaped to meet those needs 
  • Brainstorm ways to make the Fall Career Fair an opportunity for exploration that is inclusive of both industry and academic pursuits upon graduation  
  • Review prior fair assessments to determine key areas of focus for the coming fair 
  • Consider new special initiatives or pilot programs that can complement the Fall Career Fair to help it succeed in its mission to serve the entire MIT community  
  • Provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to contribute input in how the fair is shaped and the opportunities it offers  
  • Solicit advice, input and feedback on the development of Fall Career Fair related programs, like, though not limited to, special initiatives 
  • Enable students to make a difference at the Institute through Career Advising and Professional Development 

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. This position is volunteer based.

Learn more about the Fall Career Fair and how to get involved in the Fall Career Fair Advisory Board by viewing our student leadership opportunities with CAPD.