Career First Steps

Find the Career That’s Best for You

Whether you're a first year, a PhD or a professional planning a career change, start your journey by getting to know yourself better, finding your best career fit, and making a plan that puts your goals within reach. You might start by exploring how choosing your major can affect your career path. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor for personalized advice and one-on-one assistance identifying the best career options for you. CAPD has a number of career exploration strategies to help you start the process. 


Identifying your values, skills, and interests will help you figure out where you’ll be happy – and what’s a deal breaker.

Researching Careers

You’ll find your perfect job in the sweet spot between your passion and the world's need. But what does the world need? What kinds of jobs are out there? Research career options to determine the best path for you.

Exploring Majors and Courses

Your major doesn’t have to determine your career path, but it’s still helpful to learn about some common pathways for people in your area of study. See our resources for choosing your major, and for more information check out the “Majors” tab of the MyPlan resource.

Make a Career Plan

How do you get to your next career goal? First, learn the elements of an effective career plan, and then work with a CAPD advisor to build yours right away.