Addir Fellows Interfaith Dialogue Program – 2023-2024

Location: Cambridge, MA

Addir is the place to explore your life stance with students who share the values of Curiosity, Kindness and Appreciation of Difference.  This rewarding and uplifting program hinges on a core time commitment of 1 hour a week plus a meal opening and closing each semester (2 per semester).  Only about 25-30 students of different religious/spiritual/secular identities are selected as Addir Fellows each year.  The application takes 15-20 minutes.  We don’t need polished answers, just conversation starters 🙂  You can save and re-enter the form.  The form is read only by Addir staff, so don’t be shy.  You are welcome just as you are!

Experience Information

Start Date
Sep 1, 2023
End Date
May 31, 2024