Recruiting Calendar

Please also take note of religious holidays.

Fall 2018
May 16 12PM EST First day Fall OCR Room Reservations allowed through CareerBridge
July 20 Info-session reservations allowed (Conference Services)
August 6 First Day for Info-sessions/ company presentations (Conference Services)
September 3 HOLIDAY - Labor Day
September 4 Registration Day - Fall Term
September 5 First Day of Classes
September 17-21 No Recruiting - Career Fair Prep Week
September 21 Fall Career Fair
September 24 First Day for Fall On-Campus Recruiting through CareerBridge  (Reserve a Room)
October 8 HOLIDAY - Columbus Day (No Recruiting)
October 24 12PM EST - First Day Spring OCR Room reservations allowed through CareerBridge
November 12 HOLIDAY - Veterans Day (No Recruiting)
November 16 Last day for info sessions (Conference Services)
November 16 Last Day for Fall On-Campus Recruiting through CareerBridge  (Reserve a Room)
December 1 Earliest Internship Offer Deadline


Spring 2019
January 7 Independent Activities Period (IAP)Begins
January 21 HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
TBD Info sessions take place(Conference Services)
February 1 Independent Activities Period (IAP) Ends
February 4 Registration Day - Spring Term
February 5 First Day of Classes
February 6 First Day of Spring On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) through CareerBridge  (Reserve a Room)
February 18 HOLIDAY - Presidents Day (No Recruiting)
March 25-29 SPRING BREAK
TBD CAPD Spring Career Fair
Mid-April Info sessions (Conference Services) end
April 12 Last Day for Spring On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) through CareerBridge  (Reserve a Room)
June 7 Commencement
NOTE: Many Career Fairs are held at MIT during the Fall and Spring Semesters. For a complete list, please go to our Career Fair Page.