Career Fairs for Employers

Career fairs at MIT are organized by programs, offices, academic departments, and student organizations. These fairs are an excellent way to connect with MIT students and strengthen your company brand on campus. MIT offers fairs both small and large fairs, from boutique fairs with a specific industry focus to the Fall Career Fair with over 350 employers. 

Advice for a Successful Career Fair Experience for Employers

  • Build your booth’s audience before the career fair.

    • Use Handshake to search for students that you think would be a good fit for your company, and send individual students a personal invite to speak with you at the fair.
  • Have more than one representative available to speak to students.

    • Ideally, the representative should be able to answer questions about the work associated with the open position.
    • Increased booth staffing will eliminate long lines with can deter students from approaching your booth.
  • Make a splash at the career fair!

    • Bring company brochures, business cards, and other promotional materials. Students appreciate receiving useful information about your company or the position to help them in preparing for the interview and identifying if the company or opportunity is a good fit for their career interests and skills.
    • Use video displays, large banners, games -- anything visual to attract students.
    • Display a challenge for students to solve and provide enticing prizes.
    • Provide information on the wide array of opportunities your company has to offer, not just engineering or computer science-focused positions. Many students have a wide breadth of interests and skills and would appreciate hearing of all the opportunities within your company.
  • Hand out “swag” or promotional items to continue to build your brand beyond the career fair.

    • Tip: The best “swag” items are useful or unique.
  • Talk with freshmen and sophomores about your company and opportunities available to students.

    • Building your company’s brand at MIT starts with fostering good relationships with freshmen and sophomores. Even if your company is only offering opportunities for upperclassmen, it is strategic to speak with freshmen and sophomores and educate them on your company and how they can possibly work for your company in the future.
    • Collect resumes from promising students -- even if they are not qualified for your current positions or internships. Stay in contact with the students that you would like to hire in the future by inviting them to your information sessions, campus events, or local area events throughout the year.
  • Plan to hold interviews on campus soon after a fair if appropriate to the time of year and your recruiting needs.

    • Companies can reserve interview space through CAPD's on campus recruiting program.
    • Reservations for fall and spring recruiting fill quickly. Be sure to review the recruiting calendar to plan when you will set-up your interview schedule. Additional opportunities may be available to interview on campus through the organization(s) in charge of a particular career fair.
  • Collect resumes or have students check-in at your booth.

    • Use LinkedIn or some other online check-in method so that you can follow-up with students after the fair and reduce the need to collect paper resumes!
  • Review MIT’s Recruiting Policies with your recruiting team members

  • Read the following articles for advice and tips