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Ways to Sponsor CAPD

Donations to Career Advising & Professional Development are used to fund opportunities such as those listed below and others that assist students with each phase of their career development and global experiential learning. All employers who sponsor CAPD receive recognition on the CAPD website homepage and on our office Digital Display at no expense. MIT is a 501(c)(3) institution and gifts are tax-deductible within the limitations of U.S. federal income tax laws. To sponsor CAPD, fill out the Giving to MIT form (pdf), select CAPD out of the areas listed to support and email it to us.

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Wetfeet is a website that provides job seekers with a credible resource with comprehensive information on industries, companies and careers. In addition to company and industry information, Wetfeet provides not only information but also examples of resumes, cover letters and interview questions specific to many of the employers that are popular with MIT students. In the CAPD's resource library, Wetfeet guides have been made available in print for students to use while they research employment or are simply waiting for their appointment.

By sponsoring student access, an employer would be able to have their logo on the masthead of the main page indicating their sponsorship. In addition, they would have exposure to a wide range of students, interested in career development and employer research.

Going Global

Going Global is a career and employment resource offered by Career Advising & Professional Development. Going Global is a valuable resource for students looking for work abroad through over access to over 30 Country Career Guides containing relevant job and cultural advice as well as advice on visas and work permits. For international students looking for employment in the U.S., Going Global offers a proprietary and easily searchable collection of H1B visa employer listings. Students who are looking to relocate domestically (or to Canada) have access to the USA and Canadian Career Guides. The site also contains over 450,000 corporate profiles, more than 600,000 worldwide job and internship openings as well as access to blogs and newsletters.

By sponsoring student access to Going Global, an employer would be able to have their logo on the masthead of each page (alongside ours) indicating their sponsorship. In addition, they would have exposure to a targeted demographic--international students and students looking to go abroad.


Student identifies interests, personality preferences, values and skills through this online career planning system and matches their results to potential career options.

By sponsoring student access, an employer would have their logo on the masthead of the main page indicating their sponsorship. They would also be branding their organization to students early in their career search.

Global Fellows Program

Global collaboration in research and development is emerging as a critical frontier for academia, industry and government. This innovative program brings together PhD students from MIT and Imperial College London. An intense hands-on workshop, the GFP teaches essential professional development skills to researchers, with a focus on global collaboration. Combining students from universities from different countries provides a rich environment for learning collaboration. With support from faculty and industry, student teams are challenged to create innovative research proposals combining the expertise of team members. In the process students learn -- and put into practice --intercultural awareness, how to build successful working relationships, and how to manage global research projects.

Career Workshops and Programs

Encompass career exploration, job search, self-assessment and graduate school-related workshops for graduate and undergraduate students, plus some additional programming. These events reach over 1000 students each year during Career Fair Prep in the Fall and Spring Semesters, and Independent Activities Period (IAP; January). The name of the event sponsor would be included in the event description on CareerBridge, MIT Calendar, and departmental listservs, as well as next to any food purchased for events, on flyers and handouts, and on the initial slide of presentations. Sponsorship is available for Fall/Spring semester events, Career Fair Prep programming and IAP.

To learn more about the Employer Connection Program (ECP) or Sponsorship Programs please call (617) 715-5329 to speak with a member of the Employer Relations team.