Computer Science for Game Design

For Joanna Gerr ’22 MEng, ’20 Computer Science and Engineering and Comparative Media Studies double major, a paid virtual summer 2020 internship at Activision Blizzard was instrumental in motivating her to continue pursuing a career in game development.


At MIT, Gerr has worked in the MIT Game Lab as a Level and UI Designer for virtual reality projects, and completed a variety of game design course and personal or freelance projects where she employed code to design and animate meaningful storytelling through animation and games. She is also an active member of the MIT Animation Group which provides opportunities for students to learn about and create animated films, and supported students through the Freshman Arts Program and as a peer mentor.


During her internship at Activision Blizzard, Gerr got a taste of what it is like to work at a major company with people that share the same passions. She forged friendships with her fellow interns and teammates within the Tools Engineering team at Infinity Ward.


“My priority was finding a place where I could work alongside others who would actively engage and invest in opportunities for growth: not only our own growth as individuals, but also growth as an industry,” stated Gerr. “Throughout my experience—first as a player of Activision Blizzard games, and later as a potential hire talking to actual employees of the studios—it became clear to me that Activision Blizzard was where I wanted to spend my summer.”


To learn more about opportunities at Activision Blizzard, view Activision’s profile page on Handshake and visit Activision Blizzard’s careers website (