Welcome, Womxn of MIT!

Welcome to the Womxn career community! This channel hosts career resources, advice, opportunities and news for women and those identifying as women. CAPD understands your gender identity affects your career planning and job search experience, and we are here to help you at any stage in your career journey. Take a look at the resources below, and schedule individual appointments with CAPD advisors to discuss your specific questions.



Watermark is a community of ambitious women focused on connecting, learning, and leading with empathy.

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Elevate Network

Ellevate Network gives women+ safe spaces to be honest about work and get validation, perspective, and actionable advice. Their goal is to help companies become a leader in diversity, attract top talent, and retain high performers through our corporate partnerships.

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The Boardlist

TheBoardlist is a curated talent marketplace for the tech community to recommend, discover and connect highly qualified women leaders with great tech board opportunities at scale. The Boardlist leverages the power of our community by inviting CEOs, leading executives and …

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Women 2.0

Founded in 2006, Women 2.0 is a company focused on gender, diversity and inclusion in the tech and startup spaces. They serve over 300,000 through content, programming, products and services and have been an industry leader in the space for …

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Web Grrls

Women from all walks of life join webgrrls to “stay in the know”, discuss the latest tech trends, support each other through business and technology issues, and develop new business contacts and friends. Webgrrl provides events, courses, a network, and …

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Career Resources

Survival Guide for Women of Color

How to protect your bright mind from the drain of everyday racism you may encounter in academic life.

The New York Times: The Working Woman’s Handbook

Check out this collection of articles from the New York Times addressing women in the workplace.

“The workplace still isn’t …

Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) is dedicated to helping all MIT students and postdocs in the pursuit of their …

A series of 4 short videos to help women in negotiating