Students with disabilities

CAPD is here to help students with diverse abilities to feel empowered as they navigate internships, graduate school, full-time employment, fellowships, professional development and more. We look forward to getting to know you and our advisors can support you on your career journey from exploring your options, to finding internship/job opportunities and negotiating offers, to preparing for graduate/professional school and beyond!

How to Ace Your Job Interview: An ADHD Primer

You’ve landed a job interview, and you’re excited — but worried that your ADHD symptoms will interfere. Read through these tips from ADHD coaches to learn how to stay organized, focused, and relaxed before and during your interview.

Article by Neha …

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Voices of Lime: The Intersecting Identities of Veterans + Disability

In this recording, Lime Connect and Maureen Elias, a veteran advocate and a veteran with a disability herself, moderates a panel discussion with Lime Connect’s veteran Network members who live with disabilities. This discussion explores how disability intersects with a …

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Voices of Lime: The intersecting identities of Black people who are disabled

In this recording, Lime Connect and Nancy Oduro, a Lime Connect board member who has lived experience with these intersectionalities, moderates a panel discussion with Lime Connect’s Black Network members who live with disabilities.  During this recent discussion, Lime Connect …
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Assess potential employers for disability inclusion

There are several ways that you can assess if a potential employer is disability-friendly and make an informed decision about your place of work.

Review the Employer’s Website

You can clue yourself into an employer’s commitment to diversity, equity, and …

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What mental health accommodations can I ask for at work?

Mental Health America (MHA), a community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing mental health concerns, shares the following on requesting accommodations in the workplace.

“If symptoms of a mental health or substance use condition are impacting your ability to perform at work, …

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