Prepare for graduate & professional school

Graduate School Interviews

How to Prepare

Some graduate programs, but not all, require or allow for interviews with faculty members or admissions officers as a criterion for admission. Generally interviews are by invitation only and cannot be requested.

Most graduate programs have faculty …

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Financial Aid for Graduate School

Where to Start

Graduate students fund their education in a variety of ways:

Grants and assistantships are financial awards that may come in the form of stipends, salary, or tuition remission. There may be research grants, assistantships, and resident assistantships at …

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Why Business School?

Business schools typically offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS), or occasionally PhDs in business administration or management. A degree in business can be useful for people interested in areas such as finance, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, …

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Apply to Graduate School

What You Will Need

Once you’ve decided what you want to study and prepared for the application process, you are ready to apply. You will need these materials:

Letters of recommendation
Standardized test scores
Statement of purpose/admissions essay
Financial …

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Featured Resources


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