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Meet Emily Kiley, MIT Mechanical Engineer and UVA Law Student

Hailing from Manhasset, New York, Emily Kiley earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she competed on the women’s rowing team. Before law school, she interned for X1 Wind, an offshore wind turbine …

By External Source
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CARIAD: Building the software-defined vehicle and transforming automotive mobility

CARIAD is a gold sponsor of the MIT Fall Career Fair.

Today, software is a major differentiator in the automotive industry. Gone are the days when the engine size mattered. Now, it’s all about the tech underneath the hood. Can …

By Lydia Huth
Lydia Huth Communications Specialist
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Pay Equity Student Researcher

Apply on Handshake by Oct 4, 2023, for priority review. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the position can be extended for Jan and the Spring term. 

Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) seeks a student to work …

By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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Schedule a Coffee-Chat, Connect Informally with an Employer

Representatives from the following organizations and industries are eager to connect with you prior to the fall career fair through a coffee-chat conversation. Schedule your coffee-chats by applying on Handshake. The time slots available are limited, so apply today. Instructions …

By Mitchell Moise
Mitchell Moise Employer Relations Coordinator
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InterSystems: Empowering women, inspiring mentorship, and recognized as a leader for women technologists

InterSystems is a gold sponsor of the MIT Fall Career Fair.

InterSystems, a global technology leader, is dedicated to empowering women, fostering mentorship, and creating a thriving company culture. This commitment is exemplified at its annual Global Summit event, where …

By Lydia Huth
Lydia Huth Communications Specialist
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