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Find the Career That’s Best for You

Whether you’re a first year, a PhD or a professional planning a career change, start your journey by getting to know yourself better, finding your best career fit, and making a plan that puts your goals within reach. If you are an incoming first year undergraduate student, start by visiting our virtual orientation.

Explore how choosing your undergraduate major can affect your career path.

  • Your major doesn’t have to determine your career path, but it’s still helpful to learn about some common pathways for people in your area of study. See our resources for choosing your major, and for more information check out the “Majors” tab of the MyPlan resource.

Get to know yourself better: Conduct a self-assessment

  • Identifying your values, skills, and interests will help you figure out where you’ll be happy – and what’s a deal breaker.

Find the best career fit: Research career options

  • You’ll find your perfect job in the sweet spot between your passion and the world’s need. But what does the world need? What kinds of jobs are out there? Research various career paths to determine the right fit for you.

Put your goals within reach: Make a career plan

Values Card Sort

What is most important to you? What do you value? Identifying your values may help you focus and prioritize your career planning and development. These values can also help you refine your search and in choosing between offers. For in-person …

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Choosing a Major Worksheet

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CAPD Virtual Orientation

Start here. Go anywhere.

When it comes to planning for your career, you may know exactly where you’re headed. You may have ideas that you’re excited to explore. Or maybe you’re not even sure where to start. And that’s ok. …

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