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Find Your Place in the World

A job is just a piece of the puzzle. Finding the right career path is a process of discovery that lasts a lifetime. It starts with some big questions. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What kind of environment supports and inspires you? What makes you happy? You don’t have to figure it all out right now — but you can start to think about the bigger picture by exploring different career paths, setting long-term goals, and meeting with a CAPD career advisor.

The Career Exploration Series

Every fall and IAP, CAPD hosts an institute-wide Career Exploration Series! This series is a collaboration between MIT departments, programs, employers, and alumni to help all students learn about the different career and graduate/professional school options available to you. This year’s 2023-24 series will start on September 11th.

Visit the events page on Handshake and filter by the label “career exploration series” to see all events in the series and register for the events you would like to attend.

Some of the events in the 2023-24 series include:

Interested in exploring your options by chatting with employers? Sign up for an informal coffee chat to speak with employers in individual and small group settings!

Researching Careers

Learning more about industries and careers options can help you narrow your focus on those that might be a good fit. Below are some tools and techniques to help you begin researching potential career paths. Don’t forget: if you need …

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MIT Libraries Business Databases

The MIT Libraries hosts several useful and informative databases that include Industry Codes (e.g. Census Bureau’s NAICS), Overviews (e.g. FitchConnect, IBISWorld, S&P Surveys, Statista), Industry-specific (e.g. GlobalData, eTrack, SNL), ratios, and specifics.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides information on what workers do; the work environment; education, training, and other qualifications; pay; the job outlook; information on state and area data; similar occupations; and sources …

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A Major Puzzle: First Year Decision Making

This virtual toolkit covers different ways to approach the decision-making process around major declaration to accommodate your values, interests, purpose, and more! All of the resources presented are included in the Resource section of Handshake.

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Featured Resources


The following resources are selected specifically because of their support to the US veteran population.

If you love technology and data, these are the careers for you.

From developing computer games to building secure financial …

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) received funding beginning in Fiscal Year 2010 to develop and implement the collection of …

We could be wrong, but chances are a person never found their purpose by just sitting somewhere and doing nothing. …