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Exploring Careers

Find Your Place in the World

A job is just a piece of the puzzle. Finding the right career path is a process of discovery that lasts a lifetime. It starts with some big questions. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What kind of environment supports and inspires you? What makes you happy? You don’t have to figure it all out right now — but you can start to think about the bigger picture by exploring different career paths, setting long-term goals, and meeting with a CAPD career advisor.

The Fall Career Exploration Series

This fall, CAPD is happy to announce an institute-wide Career Exploration Series that begins on September 13th and runs through November! This series is a collaboration between MIT departments, programs, employers, and alumni to help all students learn about the different career and graduate/professional school options available to you.  

Visit the events page on Handshake and filter by the label “career exploration series” to see all events in the series and register for the events you would like to attend.

Morgan Stanley’s Student Ambassador Virtual Series

First and second year undergraduate students are invited to connect with Morgan Stanley through their upcoming “Pointers from Peers” Student Ambassador Virtual Series!

Hear from peers who recently interned with Morgan Stanley to gain insight into their Summer Analyst Programs, …

By Kendel Jester
Kendel Jester Career Advisor Kendel Jester
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Profiles in Public Service Podcast

In “Profiles in Public Service,” a podcast from the Partnership for Public Service, co-hosts Loren DeJonge Schulman and Rachel Klein-Kircher help break down common myths about government by highlighting the critical ways in which federal employees have demonstrated …

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Goldman Sachs: Explore Career Opportunities in Control, Finance, & Operating

Goldman Sachs invites you to attend our Exploring the Control, Finance, and Operating Functions of GS series! The goal of this series is to demystify how Control, Finance, and Operating divisions contribute to the success of Goldman Sachs as well …

By Kendel Jester
Kendel Jester Career Advisor Kendel Jester
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Finding jobs in 2021: CAPD’s guide to the current state of recruiting

After the last eighteen months, it comes as no surprise that the recruiting landscape has seen a major shift to virtual recruiting  and an emphasis on improving company culture and inclusivity. However, there’s plenty about fall 2021’s recruiting cycle …

By Lydia Huth
Lydia Huth Communications Specialist Lydia Huth
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11 Great Careers for Anyone Interested in Finance

by Regina Borsellino

Many people entering the finance industry “want the big competitive investment jobs,” says Muse career coach Tara Goodfellow, a former finance professional and founder of Athena Consultants, where she coaches job seekers hoping to enter the finance …

By Kendel Jester
Kendel Jester Career Advisor Kendel Jester
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Featured Resources

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Luckily, you’re no stranger to research. The following tools and resources will help you explore different PhD career paths.

How to Self-Assess

Self-assessment is about more than discovering your motivations, needs, interests, values and skills. It’s also about prioritizing …

Learning more about industries and careers options can help you narrow your focus on those that might be a good …