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Interested in pursuing a future in computing & computer technology? Find resources, events, opportunities, and advice to confirm your interest and kickstart your career.

Explore a career path in computing & computer technology

As technology continues to advance and become essential to nearly every facet of society there are many opportunities for you to apply your interest and skills in computer science. With so many options, where do you even begin? To start, it can be helpful to consider:

What type of job would you enjoy? Software developer, hardware engineer, data scientist, product manager, UX researcher…the list goes on! As you explore career options in computing and computer technology, focus on what kinds of problems you like to solve and what specific skills you enjoy using.

What type of industry do you want to be a part of? There’s no shortage of tech jobs in tech companies, but you can also look for similar opportunities in industries that may intersect with your other interests – healthcare, education, gaming/entertainment, government, or research just to name a few.


Build your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking website, which makes it the ideal foundation for your professional presence online. It’s a good idea to keep your LinkedIn page continuously updated, but especially important when you are in a career transition.

Create …

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Apply to tech & startup jobs

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3 Steps for Being Prepared for Interviewing

1. Know MIT’s Recruiting Policies and Expectations. 

Whether you are interviewing through On-Campus Recruiting or not, be sure to know your recruiting rights and responsibilities before you interview.
You should also be aware of the recruiting policies and procedures expected …

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – For Students

Exploring Careers and Majors

If I am interested in exploring a career outside of my major/course, should I meet with the assigned advisor for my current major or the advisor for the major I am newly interested in?

Applying to …

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Featured Resources


The following job and internship programs are coordinated with government agencies and involve social impact, policy, and technology work responsibilities. …

If you love technology and data, these are the careers for you.

From developing computer games to building secure financial …

In addition to Handshake, you can use the websites below to find jobs and internships related to computing and computer …

The German start-up “ELEVEL Academy” offers a variety of interactive, free 2 hour webinars – ranging from Programming, Project-Management to …