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Apply to medical / health profession schools

Apply to Medical / Health Profession Schools

Be A Strong Applicant

Before starting the medical school application process, make sure that you have explored the field and prepared academically and personally. By now, you should have met with a prehealth advisor and know you are ready to apply to medical school or another type of health profession school. If you have a quick question or need just-in-time advice, join a virtual Prehealth Advising Drop-In session.

Prehealth Advising Credential Service

We offer a credential service where you can store your letters of recommendation. If you use this service, we will send your letters to medical schools for you. You can also request a committee letter, written by MIT faculty on the Committee on Prehealth Advising (COPA), to be included in your packet of letters. MIT Prehealth Advising will only submit a committee letter twice on your behalf.

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