Apply to Medical & Health Profession Schools

Applying to Medical & Health Profession Schools

Before starting the medical and health professions school process, it is important to make sure you have explored the field, prepared yourself academically and personally, and successfully demonstrated the 15 Core Competencies medical schools are looking for.  We also recommend meeting with a Prehealth Advisor prior to applying so that you are aware of the various requirements and recommendations necessary to submit a strong application!  If you have a quick question or need just-in-time advice, join a virtual Prehealth Advising Drop-In Session or email

Prehealth Advising Credential Service & Committee Letter Process

Prehealth Advising sends MIT applicants letters of recommendations to medical and health professions schools for you.  To do this, we offer a credential service where you will have each of your recommenders upload their letters and they will be stored.  The earliest you can your recommenders upload their letters is early February.  If you are applying this coming cycle (by June 30th of a given year), you can find the timeline for when recommenders can begin uploading their letters and the deadline here.

We also recommend MIT undergraduates and alumni request a committee letter, written by MIT faculty on the Committee on Prehealth Advising (COPA), to be included in your packet of letters of recommendation.  MIT Prehealth Advising will only submit a committee letter twice on your behalf.

Medical Ethics and your Med/Health Professions School Application

When applying to health professions school, your ability to wrestle with complex ethical situations is an important predictor of how well you’ll be able to handle such situations as a practitioner.

Medical schools and other health professions schools assess this …

By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann Assistant Director, Early Career Engagement
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The following classes below required by medical school are also GIRs, which all MIT students have to complete to graduate.