McKinsey & Company — MIT Recruiting Key Dates

The McKinsey-MIT Recruiting team is excited to invite you to upcoming events! Please see below for a summary of events this season. Information about events as well as links to register for a program and to apply for opportunities can be found on our MIT Recruiting Page.

Key dates
Jun 29: Resume workshop
Jun 30: Ask me anything
Jul 06: Ask me anything
Jul 07: Business analyst deadline
Jul 07: Summer business analyst deadline #1
Jul 26: Case workshop
Jul 27: Resume workshop
Jul 30: Ask me anything
Aug 11: Summer business analyst deadline #2
Aug 30: Case workshop
Sep 08: Sophomore summer business analyst deadline

Other important information:
For a full list of deadlines please visit
For questions please contact Edzen Cortez, MIT Recruiter

By Francis Borrego
Francis Borrego Senior Assistant Director, Employer Relations