Trailblazers in Engineering

Trailblazers in Engineering are workshops to prepare future trailblazing faculty in engineering with a focus on preparing outstanding scholars who are also committed to increasing the success of underrepresented communities of engineers. Trailblazers in Engineering Fellows are selected not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements but also for their potential impact in expanding representation and diversity in engineering.

The workshop will provide Fellows the ability to network with leading faculty in engineering, thought leaders, program managers at key federal funding agencies, Purdue Engineering heads, and of course, each other. Participants will also meet current Trailblazers and benefit from their inspiring keynote talks.

Graduate student and postdoc applicants are invited to apply through two programs, Black Trailblazers in Engineering (BTE) and Latinx Trailblazers in Engineering (LATinE). Please visit these pages for details. Applications are due on June 3, 2022 (recommendation letter required). The workshop dates are Tuesday, July 26 – Thursday, July 28, 2022

By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration