How Technology is Changing the Art World

Art history shows that artists have always sought new art forms and unconventional mediums to express their artistic principles. Various avant-garde movements that started mushrooming in the early20th century fundamentally challenged the traditional perception of art. Artists emerging from these progressive movements introduced new non-artistic materials, like books, magazines, cloths, household items, and many other everyday objects as perfect art mediums, stating that true artists can make artworks out of anything. This is how mixed media art was born, marking an exciting new era in the evolution of art.

The development of technology has continued walking hand-in-hand with progressive artistic concepts and has changed the way art is created and shared, enabling groundbreaking artists and their innovative expressions to gain expanded access to whole new audience groups beyond the conventional boundaries of the art world. We could only ask ourselves whether Andy Warhol’s vast oeuvre would have developed in the same direction if it had not been for silk-screen printing technology and readily available cameras?

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