Phone and Email

CAPD is currently operating as a virtual office. We continue to advise students and postdocs through phone and video appointments – please login to your Handshake account to schedule.

Career Advising

Employer Relations

Prehealth Advising

Distinguished Fellowships

Mailing Address

77 Massachusetts Ave., Building E17-294 (50 Ames St. entrance)
Cambridge, MA 02139

FedEx and other packages

400 Main Street, E17-294
Cambridge, MA 02142


Please see How to Get to MIT for directions to MIT and parking. View the online campus map or print out this map (pdf) before your visit. Our hours are 9 am to 5 pm unless otherwise noted.

map of MIT

From the Main Campus:

From the Infinite Corridor, you can walk indoors or take the tunnels. To walk from outdoors:

  1. Walk outside from the east end of the Infinite Corridor at Building 8, into Eastman Court (between Buildings 8 and 18).
  2. Walk east past Buildings 16, 56, and 66, to Ames Street.
  3. Cross Ames St. and turn left. Use the entrance to E17 at 40 Ames St., on your right.
  4. Take the stairs next to the Atlas Center to the 2nd floor. Note: the E17 elevator is currently under construction.

For handicap access, enter through E18 for the wheelchair elevator or E19. Take the E18 or E19 elevator to the second floor and follow signs to Career Advising & Professional Development.

From the Kendall T Stop or Main St.:

The Career Advising & Professional Development office is a few blocks from the Kendall T stop and can be accessed through E19 (400 Main St.), which connects to E17 and E18, or by following Main St., turning left onto Ames St. and entering at 40 Ames St. All our offices are on the 2nd floor.